Best Documentaries: Project Nim

Project Nim (2011) is a documentary that chronicles the life of Nim, a chimp taken from his mother in infancy and "adopted" by humans as part of an experiment to see if a chimp can be taught language if raised under the same conditions as a human child. It's heartbreaking, juxtaposing the use of animals... Continue Reading →

Justification for Animal Cruelty

This argument only prevails because we have had it drilled into us that we need to eat meat and that farm animals live to fulfil that purpose... And because people turn a blind eye to the vile practices of animal farming.

Vegan Food in Camden

Today I went to Camden with friends. I was excited because there are many vegan options at Camden Market, and being foodies - read fatties - I knew there'd be good food involved!

What is Mycoprotein?

While I try to limit processed and premade foods in my diet, its good to have some options for when you're too busy or tired (or simply feeling indulgent). One of my favourites is Quorn Meat Free Vegan Hot & Spicy Burgers. While the majority of Quorn products are vegetarian with egg, and not vegan,... Continue Reading →

Best Vegan Documentaries

Without a doubt, my two favourite "vegan" and anti-animal-cruelty documentaries are Speciesism and Earthlings. Speciesism While you can refute claims made in health-focused documentaries that promote veganism, you cannot fault the logic of Speciesism. This documentary proposes that we justify killing animals because we view living beings as part of a hierarchy or a food... Continue Reading →

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